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Matt K

Good post and advice - I'd add to that to really start to figure out how to be more self-sufficient - basic things like baking bread, breaking down a chicken, learning to can/preserve food, growing your own food, sewing/knitting, woodworking, etc.

I was talking with my grandma about the Depression (she grew up during it) and she laid out simply how they survived -raising their own food - how Tuesday was "rabbit day" with rabbit brains in the scrambled eggs from the chickens. Matter-of-fact - that's what they did. It's amazing in two generations how those skills can be lost and transformed into getting a ready-made meal from the grocery store. I've just started to learn how to do some of these things (such as how to burn yourself multiple times when making jam), but it makes me feel a little more prepared for whatever happens.


I've been talking to my grandmother too. Her parents had nothing so they sent her to live with friends who had a chicken farm in Scottsville, Va. Every Sunday they had a chicken dinner.

This year I've learned how to make stawberry jelly and peach preserves. We have four hens in the backyard and I'm experimenting with a garden. Last year I dug a root cellar under my back porch. I worry that my feeble efforts won't be nearly enough to make a difference.

While I'm out in the yard educating myself, my neighbors are getting a second mortgage to buy the latest whatever. None of my neighbors have a clue where we are headed; they all have young children.

Greg Pinelli

It's incredible for anyone to think that becoming more self reliant is useless. It's hard to think of anyone who is more negative about our current predicament than myself..but it would never occur to me intelligent people couldn't mitigate the problems and deal with them the old fashioned way..with resolve and initiative. To think otherwise is self defeating and more an admission of one's own inadequacies and ineptness than those of people in general!

The future is NEVER inherited by the helpless and the weak..it goes to those who know there are no easy solutions and that living productively from day to day is a triumph.

ExtraO..you need to go out tomorrow and plant some vegetables..and a fruit tree or two..keep your word to someone...make yourself a few dollars less in debt! Get of your duff dude..the world doesn't belong to whiners and slackards!



My point wasn't that becoming self reliant is useless, rather that it is more than likely at the heart of our predicament. That makes it far worse than useless. With our resolve and initiative, we have gone forth, multiplied and conquered the Earth. Too bad about the Earth, heh?

As far as the future is concerned, and who inherits it: well over a billion Christians (and well over a billion Muslims too, as the validity of the Gospel is upheld by Muhammad) supposedly adhere to Matthew 5:5 "Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth." In my dictionary for meek it says "quiet, gentle, and easily imposed on; submissive." Personally, I'm not religious anymore, tho' I was for many years. I quote this here as many still are. You may be among them. Why will the meek inherit the earth in this context? Easy, all the more self-reliant types will have wiped each other out in the process of acting out their blind faith in in human ingenuity.

I have planted the vegetables, many times, and moved way too many rocks to get at some plantable soil. I admit to not doing any fruit trees. I carry no debt. For the past forty years my life has been entirely about keeping my word, and putting my ass on the line to back up my word. Though you must obviously know that already considering you know that I'm also a slacker and a whiner.

I see that my original post has been deleted. The blog owner can do as he pleases, I certainly would. It does make me think however, that possibly he hasn't thought through the implications of his own writing.

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