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Jeff Sties

Boy, that first graph regarding state budgets says it all. The states have borrowed way more than they take in. Only a handful of years where surplus exceeded expenses. Without being able to borrow money indefinitely, a massive correction in our standard of living is necessary.

Greg Pinelli

I get the feeling we'll see a lot more red on that "fiscal peril" map before this is over...and it isn't even close yet. Go one level lower on the debt/broke totem pole and there like sitting ducks are the towns and cities. In San Jose CA, one of the most affluent areas in the world..let alone the US or California...the decision is coming down to how many firemen and police to pink slip.

THE basis for almost every municipality in the country are property taxes..and they are dropping into a sinkhole. Forget not paying the mortgage or the water bill...wait until Nov-Dec this year when those first tax installments are due! It's going to get ugly...and our ridiculously privileged lifestyles are going to take another major hit.

If Dave really wants to go into the heart of darkness I'd love to see him do a piece on the retirement mess approaching! How does NO job and NO retirement check sound??? Pass the Alpo.

River Gibeaut

This is why I put you on my FaceBook all the time. What you have to say needs to be heard. Thank you!

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