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Keep up the good work with your blog. I discovered this blog back in February and it is one of the better ones I follow. Most blogs tend to focus on one aspect of the decline (ie. Peal Oil, debt, corruption, etc.) but you cover a wide range of topics and tie them all together and show how they all are contributing the the decline of the US. Also, the fact that you cite many different sources and back-up what you base your opinions on with fact really makes it stand out. I have forwarded and recommended this blog to many people I correspond with regarding these topics and they like it also.

My wife and I started to detect the cultural, political, and economic decline a few years ago and decided to take action and leave the country. We are now permanent residents in New Zealand. While no place on earth is perfect, NZ has a lot going for it when you consider the many different rising issues the world will face in the next 50 years. The best way to survive a sinking ship is to find a lifeboat before they are no longer available.

Keep up the good work!

Guy Archer

The recent Lloyd's of London report entitled "Sustainable Energy Security" is a blockbuster. The Forward by Lloyd's CEO and Executive Summary at pages 3-5 are a must read. Here's the link in PDF format:


Jeff Sties

I thoroughly enjoy the honest, no-nonsense approach you take in your blog. Thank you.


I agree with the first comment - your blog is not only well researched but covers a range of topics and shows how they are interrelated.

This has helped my awareness especially about peak oil and the world economy. I wonder if u can write about individual mitigation strategies in the face of peak oil and resource depletion. I live the typical North American(read unsustainable) lifestyle but i feel a little helpless on the transition aspect.

Thanks again

Dr. C.

Hi Dave,

I used to follow some of your posts over at theoildrum.com, but for some reason, I didn't like you much there. I can't really put my finger on it, maybe you sounded frustrated (that can easily happen over there). Here on your own blog however you strike me differently, and I want to offer my encouragement for what is always a good read.


I read DOTE almost every day - often through RSS feed so I hope that is counted. Keep up the good work. I really like your analysis. As born and bred New Zealander I am flattered to think TH sees us as a lifeboat. We do have the advantage of a low population by land area and lots of food production. We are unlikely to starve but we do need to think about major lifestyle change. I just wish our agriculture had stayed more diversified.

Greg Pinelli

The level of the commentary really needs to pick up! More substance and less flattery....

Debt DOES matter. The notion is that the Fed and Treasury will never let the Great Depression turn into the greater Depression today because..well..people would blow a gasket. The far greater danger to a Nation State is inflation. The marker used to be 25%..and I'm willing to accept that level. At 25% people don't trust the State currency and start doing 2 things...both of which create a very anarchic social environment..
1. They stop accepting the national currency at anything like todays value..they discount it monthly..then weekly..then daily...bad news. Velocity goes thru the roof...
2. Black markets start replacing regular mediums of exchange..and taxes and other measures of State revenues disappear..No revenues..no policing power..no policing power..big time chaos.

That's why..regardless of what house pimps like Bernanke say..they will NOT deflate. Their masters can't borrow..and they have NO function left... the result..YOU get left holding the deflation bag. The government will pay off just enough people and groups to keep a semblance of order..the rest??? Rough it.. Welcome to 1932....

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